Enabling SNMP on SLM2008 Cisco Small Business Switch

Cisco SLM 2008 is a very efficient layer 2 manageable gigabit ethernet switch, with decent pricing and a large range of features: VLAN, (R)STP, LACP and static link aggregation, 802.1X Authentication, IGMP Snooping, you name it. Even the integrated web interface is quite well designed and not buggy.

But one (native) feature is lacking when you want to monitor per-port network traffic : SNMP.

Here is how to enable and basically configure SNMP on SLM2008 switches.

First, download this script: ename_snmp.pl (Note for Chrome/Safari users: this file may be downloaded as enable_snmp.download, I don’t know why.)

Then there are two ways of using this script :

* remotely by directly altering the switch configuration file.

* locally by first download the switch configuration file, alter it and upload it to the switch.

There is the detail about the remote way, since I used it:

* Configure everything you need in the SLM2008 web interface, especially on the « System » page.

* Open a terminal in the directory where the script was downloaded.

* chmod +x enable_snmp.pl for making the script executable.


$ ./enable_snmp.pl 
Obtaining data from Switch: 
Administrator Username: [ admin ]: 
Administrator Password: [ admin ]: 
Current Body Checksum: 
Current Header Check Byte: 
Both community strings are limited to 15 characters.
New read-only community string: [ public ]: 
New read-write community string: [ private ]: 
New Body Checksum: 
New Header Check Byte: 
End - SNMP Should be enabled.

You will have to provide the right information for , , and parameters.

Finally, use the following command from an host that has network access to the switch:

$ snmpwalk -c   -v 2c

A long output should be displayed, showing every piece of information the embedded SNMP daemon on the SLM2008 can serve.

I hope this will help.


Credits: Cisco support forum and David Holland.