UTBM: Autumn 2010 semester [DONE]

Heck. It’s done. Not perfect, not catastrophic: this semester has just ended.

My marks :

* RE42: A. « Local Area Networks ». Quite interesting, cisco CCNA modules 1 and 3.

* RE55: A. « High rate Networks ». Frankly, not interesting, obsolete course material, but apparently quite easy when you have already some experience and insight about ISP infrastructures and services.

* TL53: A. « Telco and TOIP ». Best UTBM course so far: technically interesting, real engineering issues to solve and quite easy to obtain. Perfect mix there.

* TO52: B. Personal project implying 6 months spent on IPv6. Quite satisfied with the final result.

* GE02: B. « Performance management ». Interesting course material, dull evaluation process.

* MR01: F(ailed). Personal project implying research and analysis on a very precise subject. No comment. Fuck it already.

* RE52: F(ailed). « From protocol to application ». This course presents OSI layers from L4 to L7. Mixed feelings there, but I was not involved at all in the development project.

5 out of 7, all with pretty good results… but it almost cost me my final year internship… but today I received a mail that officially gives me clearance!